Technology During Earth Day and Earth Hour?

I have been reading about Earth Hour and Earth Day that are totally different.  Earth Hour is at night on the last Saturday in March which is suppose to get people to rethink there attachment to technology including lights and

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How to remove password prompts in linuxmint

It has been asked quite often how to remove the passwords prompts when wanting to run software such as synaptic or the software manager in mint. Whilst it is not recommended to run as root nor run programs that require

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A beginners guide on how to create debian packages

In my last post I posted how to add a menu globally I thought that would make a good example of how to make a debian package. First install the requried packages. sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot lintian Then create

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How to add a submenu to the menu in linux

Last year I posted how-to-run-programs-over-secure-shell, in which I described how to add a menu entry to the menu. In that example I used the Network catorgory. Which is ok for one or two , however if you have more then one

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Raspberry Pi now goes Quad Core

The Raspberry PI (rpi) has led the way and become one of the most popular low cost computer development boards see website. Costing as little as $35. It was designed for promoting and teaching Computer science in schools. The rpi

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Loss & Odroid Resurrection.

Just before Christmas I had a break in at home and my Macbook Pro and windows 7 Laptops stolen. (Will be saving for a New Laptop Probably another Macbook).  After trying to get some older laptops that i have working

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Microsoft bug found and fixed

I was researching and found an article on cnet entitled Microsoft patches 19-year-old Windows bug. In this article it details that IBM discovered it in May this year. IT also said “The Windows bug, dubbed WinShock, could be used to remotely

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