Meet The Team

The Team
Hi here is a little about the contributors and who we are.

Michael aka mickeyj4j
Hi my name is Michael. I had the idea to start this site to share what i have learned with others out there. especially as I was always forgetting what I had done when trying to share with others. Now it has grown into a more extensive site and we have a great team.
I Have an interest in Computers, starting with windows 98, then XP until it crashed. From then on, being on a limited budget, I started my journey with Linux.  I remember in the beginning that I enjoyed Linux so much I would download every operating system i found, this caused allot of headaches and hours of frustration.  After trying a few different Linux operating systems (os) I found Linux Mint to be a nice, easy to use os. I stuck with Mint  to learn how it worked and give myself a good computer to use.  Along the way I also discovered Puppy Linux this is also a great little os it is not to hard to learn and fits on a flashdrive, sd card or cd/dvd for a portable operating system to take anywhere and boot up. I have spent time working with Mint and Puppy.  I now have a Macbook Pro. I  got that for the music production side of things, eg garageband etc, as i also play and write music. I don’t use Linux as much as i used to now but from time to time i take a look at whats new. Along the way I decided to start this website. I found writing up tutorials helps me to remember what I did and see how much I had learnt. I invite people I know to contribute to this group at times as we all have different knowledge and things to share.

Ben aka 01Ben
I have a long standing interest going as far back to when I was young using the family computer which used ms-dos on an 286 computer with a hercules monitor. I started using linux in 2009 , with Fedora 11 and loved it. I was not put off using the command line either, I think I found it easier than most as I had used ms-dos for so long. When Fedora 11 went end of line I wanted to use a linux distrobution that I wouldn’t need to update every year and a half and found debian linux suited my needs the most and  happy to say I still use it now. I have tried other distributions along the way as well, Linuxmint, SolusOS and Puppy to name a few. I’m also active in the support community on irc (internet relay chat), where I help in the channels, #Linuxmint-help, #Debian, #Conky, #Xfce and #grub, whenever I can.

Amelia Rose (First Name) aka shawnrisk
I have been using computers for as long as I can remember.  I can rermember my first computer was an IBM 286 PC.  After this I remember using BBSes.  Since then I have been using a mix of operating systems including Mac, Windows, Linux and now Android . Finally, I thought, how can I use less energy and reduce the amount of technology I use?  Now I only have a tablet and smartphone.  On this blog, I post about using less technology, and reducing my time online, to help me improve my life and understand why certain ways are better in our society.


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