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Technology for Parenting?

I have watched this video above about parents wanting to use technology to improve their life and giving their kids some distraction or fun along the way.  In the video, the parent (Ben Popper) says that he wants to be

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More About Thunderbird Email Client

Following on from my post Thunderbird one of the best email clients. Here are some more great add-ons and features available Chat: Thunderbird can handily many different chat clients. such as irc, google chat, Facebook chat and more. Feed: Thunderbird has a built in

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Install linux Mint Debian Edition Into An LVM

I breify described what an lvm here installers have support this without needing any manual configuration, however as of 04/2014 it still needs to be done manually for lmde. If you haven’t already download the iso from and

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How To Install Debian Using NetInstall Media

I have previously discussed the pros and cons of netinstalls here. If you have decided that a net install is the way you want to install but are unsure of what to do. For this I am using the mini

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How To Password Protect A File

We all have files we want secure , one easy method is to use the gpg command like this gpg -c MyFile To authenticate gpg Myfile Which would output gpg: CAST5 encrypted data gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase File `MyFile’

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Linux Mint and OEM Installs

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When installing linux mint this usually mean the person installing it is intending to install the operating system for another user ie a shop technician installing linux mint for a customer. The install process

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What is the best linux operating system?

With so many linux distrobutions and desktop enviroments this is a question I get asked all the time or even if one version is better then another. What it really comes down to is 1. The intended use If the

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