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My Favourite Apps For Android

Recently I was deciding whether or not to purchase a new laptop or a tablet device. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a tablet with the keyboard dock within my budget. With the tablet there wasn’t much

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How To Run Programs Over Secure Shell

A couple of months ago my main desktop computer failed, hardware problems which stopped me from being able to access the gui (graphical user interface) not just in linux but windows 7 aswell. I found however that I could boot

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Social Media and False Reality – Get Off Social Media If it Brings You Down

In this Day and age where people are posting only the best of what they are doing, or that happens in their lives on social media itself like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, This can make you think people dont have

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Review of Linux Mint Debian Edition

With the latest update pack for LMDE I decided to install from the latest iso using the mate desktop. As with the other reviews I have done I will be giving myself 5 tasks to complete to see how easy

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Linux And Logical Volume Management

Logical Volumes are similar to extended partitions in the fact that they can contain more then one filesystem. Some of the Advantages of lvm’s is * They can span more then one Disk * Can be resized on the fly

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Protests in the Era of Technology

Technology is playing a bigger part of our lives and everyday news is changing.  As I listen to people, they hear about a protest and by the next day they are onto the next protest.  Look at the protests that

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What is the best linux operating system?

With so many linux distrobutions and desktop enviroments this is a question I get asked all the time or even if one version is better then another. What it really comes down to is 1. The intended use If the

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