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Technology While on Vacation

I believe that every time I go on vacation, I am still working on some technology.  In my line of work, there doesn’t seem to be a day when I am not working or on some device.  The first vacation,

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How To Install Debian Using NetInstall Media

I have previously discussed the pros and cons of netinstalls here. If you have decided that a net install is the way you want to install but are unsure of what to do. For this I am using the mini

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Social Media and False Reality – Get Off Social Media If it Brings You Down

In this Day and age where people are posting only the best of what they are doing, or that happens in their lives on social media itself like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, This can make you think people dont have

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Spending Less Time With Technology.

I was online and came across this  interesting article talking about A  Paster who was getting a divorce. yes you heard right. A Pastor Getting A divorce.  I was interested in it so i read the article only to find

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How To Password Protect A File

We all have files we want secure , one easy method is to use the gpg command like this gpg -c MyFile To authenticate gpg Myfile Which would output gpg: CAST5 encrypted data gpg: encrypted with 1 passphrase File `MyFile’

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Technology At Night

I have read this article about getting a good sleep at night.  There is an interesting idea that technology is causing us to lose more sleep as technology creeps more and more into the bedroom.  I feel, this is causing

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Linux And Logical Volume Management

Logical Volumes are similar to extended partitions in the fact that they can contain more then one filesystem. Some of the Advantages of lvm’s is * They can span more then one Disk * Can be resized on the fly

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