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My Favourite Apps For Android

Recently I was deciding whether or not to purchase a new laptop or a tablet device. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a tablet with the keyboard dock within my budget. With the tablet there wasn’t much

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Apps by IFTTT – Useful or Plain Boring?

I have been using the IF app by IFTTT (iOS or Android) for a couple of days now. This has been very useful for me as I can get emails of new listings from Craigslist.  I am able to response to them

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Inspect Website Code within Browsers on Android

In the two browsers I use Chrome and Firefox there is no way to inspect the code within the browser for the Android OS.  This would allow more knowledge of the code faster and get all the CSS plus HTML

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Online Conference Calls with Android

I have been trying to get Android Conference Calls Apps to work since I started to get more involved in volunteer meetings where have face to face meetings are not almost doable.  The number of people at the meetings keeps

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Flash on Android & Tethering Phone

I have finally figured out Flash on my tablet.  Android has not supported Flash in awhile but the web is still full of Flash video players.  How I did the impossible, I had to download Firefox and setup that plugins

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Google’s Strange Android Code Names

I have been looking at Google’s new codename for their Android 4.4 called KitKat.  I remember the old codename for this was called Key Lime Pie at one point and now Google changed to KitKat?  After reading the BBC News

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How to Remember Things When You Forget – Android to the Rescue

In this post, I will talk about the reminder applications that I have tested out then go onto apps liked Alarm Clocks, Calendars, To-do lists. I haven’t tested out much, just the normal ones that come with Android. Well my

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