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My Favourite Apps For Android

Recently I was deciding whether or not to purchase a new laptop or a tablet device. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a tablet with the keyboard dock within my budget. With the tablet there wasn’t much

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How to remove password prompts in linuxmint

It has been asked quite often how to remove the passwords prompts when wanting to run software such as synaptic or the software manager in mint. Whilst it is not recommended to run as root nor run programs that require

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A beginners guide on how to create debian packages

In my last post I posted how to add a menu globally I thought that would make a good example of how to make a debian package. First install the requried packages. sudo apt-get install build-essential fakeroot lintian Then create

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How to add a submenu to the menu in linux

Last year I posted how-to-run-programs-over-secure-shell, in which I described how to add a menu entry to the menu. In that example I used the Network catorgory. Which is ok for one or two , however if you have more then one

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Review of Opensuse 13.2 Tumbleweed

I decided to test out the latest KDE version of Opensuse and like other reviews I have written I gave myself the same five tasks to see how easy or difficuilt that would be. 1. Configure sources and update. Since

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How To Install Linux Mint 17 In Virtual Box

The prerequisites for this are a Linuxmint 17 iso and Virtual Box. I have selected to use Linuxmint 17 Cinnamon 32 bit iso. Open Virtualbox and click ‘New’ Choose either Ubuntu 32-bit or Ubuntu 64-bit depending on which version you’re

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Setting up my Odroid

I haven’t written anything previously on the odroid as it wasn’t working correctly , I had problems with powering off. I kept seeing the error “You should not reach here”. After trying various solutions to no avail and basically told

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