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My Favourite Apps For Android

Recently I was deciding whether or not to purchase a new laptop or a tablet device. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy a tablet with the keyboard dock within my budget. With the tablet there wasn’t much

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Apps by IFTTT – Useful or Plain Boring?

I have been using the IF app by IFTTT (iOS or Android) for a couple of days now. This has been very useful for me as I can get emails of new listings from Craigslist.  I am able to response to them

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Dinner Mode on Mobile?

I heard and read about an app called Dinner Mode (iOS) that allows for you to set a time + timer when you want your mobile device to not be used.  This has a time down and then you turn your

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Smart Watches Coming to a Wrist Near You?

Look at all the smart watches that many companies are manufacturing now.  There are so many in different format, sizes and shapes.  When was the last time someone used a watch?  Most young people these days don’t even use them and

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Starbucks App – Broken or Changing the World?

I have been hearing about the Starbucks app (iPhone and Android) that people have been hacking and thought to myself what does this app actually do?  Upon doing more research, I was able to figure out that the app is

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Technology During Earth Day and Earth Hour?

I have been reading about Earth Hour and Earth Day that are totally different.  Earth Hour is at night on the last Saturday in March which is suppose to get people to rethink there attachment to technology including lights and

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How to remove password prompts in linuxmint

It has been asked quite often how to remove the passwords prompts when wanting to run software such as synaptic or the software manager in mint. Whilst it is not recommended to run as root nor run programs that require

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