Apps by IFTTT – Useful or Plain Boring?

iftttscreensI have been using the IF app by IFTTT (iOS or Android) for a couple of days now. This has been very useful for me as I can get emails of new listings from Craigslist.  I am able to response to them if they make sense in no time when my phone is working. The other great addition to this app is that you can set various ways to catch a thief, if you lose your phone, not sure if this works but is a step in the right direction.  Overall the app is useful, and when I am looking for a new place, I will use this for that as well.

On the other side, the problems are too many emails which if you can’t handle your email already this app will not of any use to you.  In addition to that, if the app became a reader where instead of emailing you, the recipes as they call them, are kept in an easy to access place but all separate.  This is similar to reading emails but instead of all going to your email, you read from this one app.

Beyond that, the catch a thief could work or be really bad if this doesn’t work properly, which I haven’t tested.  Where this works is if you lost your phone and the people want to get this back to you.  If this was stolen, unless you can figure out where the person is based on photos or that person answering the phone or whatever you setup, there is less of a chance you will get this back.

The big let down for me is that I had to signup for this service and I was thinking no way.  Yet, I understand that by doing this, I am able to carry over the recipes I created to other devices and keep everything in the cloud (on Internet servers).

From the downsides, there are pluses always and this app is actually a great way at saving time.  Instead of me having to go to many different sites, I can go to this app and create a way for me to get listings or posts or many other items each time there is something new.  I also like that this has lots of colours and is fun to use instead of the listings sites that are boring, a mess, and only one or two colours.

If I turn my head to the environmental aspect of this app, I might not even need any device to be on for this to work.  From my thinking, this could be true, and if this is, the overall app/website is really a power saving app.  All the recipes would then be saved in the cloud and checked every so often.  I do understand that the servers would be working overtime but running these small commands is nothing and wouldn’t require a lot of power.

Security wise, there is actually nothing being saved that is personal information which means that running recipes for all of the users would be safe.  How would someone know I am in one city or another based on my recipes?  They would have to guess but really unless they started to do ads or other location based items within the app/website who cares.  I am sure if that started, people would make or find an app that is similar without these problems.  I would think that if people were paid, the source of revenue would not come from these apps, well I am hoping.

The app/website actually would save you time in the long run which can be used to do actual work or hang out with family.  You don’t have to sit to scroll multiple sites when you can get the emails (or read in app, feature request) instead.  My dream is that when I look at my phone, everything is already there in the few apps I use.  Isn’t that what mobile devices are suppose to do, make our lives easier, simpler and less cluttered?

Do you enjoy apps that keep lists or email from other websites as great or boring?  Tell me in the comments below.

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