Dinner Mode on Mobile?

dinnermode_2I heard and read about an app called Dinner Mode (iOS) that allows for you to set a time + timer when you want your mobile device to not be used.  This has a time down and then you turn your phone upside down and not touch this for the amount of time you set.  If you are unable to do this, this will set off a warning but if you do make this, this will allow you to challenge others.  Mostly this is to get society to not look at their phones when they are eating with others.  People seem to be losing their attention span as people need to go from one thing to the next in 5 seconds.  The app is suppose to make us focus on one thing longer like friends or family or eating etc.

I actually haven’t used the app as this is only for iOS (iPhones), yet I still like the concept.  Is there an app for Android?  This will allow for people to put away there phones for a short time and take a break from the Internet heavy world.  There is also to teach people that if you do this, your life might improve.  If you are a busy person and eat with other people but are on your phone most of the time this is a great app for you.

The downsides are that some people don’t eat with anyone else or they are not that busy in life, this wouldn’t really help them.  As the world turns to the internet more, there is less a person can do without them so they would feel “I am putting away my phone but I would sit eating and doing nothing”.  Sometimes focusing on the food and eating is good but that could get boring over time.

On the other hand if you talk about the environment around this app, you are leaving your phone on which uses energy even if this is less energy.  Could there not be a way that your phone knows when to turn off and on your phone?  I know that, there are important items people want to do but if you are not looking at them for a certain time can you set the phone to come on a certain amount of time before your time is up?  This sounds like a hardware solution that is added to your phone.

This also makes me think of my post on Earth Day and Earth Hour which this is for less time but you still have your phone on.  Why do people really need apps like this?  Shouldn’t there always be a timeout with technology everyday or once a week for a longer time?

Technology is helping us as society grow but really is this growing in the right direction?  For myself, I would say in the couple of weeks, I have grown more.  I am using technology the right way and also getting outside too, yet not enough.  To balance technology and outdoors, I would need to plan this unless my whole life wasn’t online.

This brings me back to the point of this whole article, does society need an app to tell them to stop using their phone for a certain period of time?

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