Smart Watches Coming to a Wrist Near You?

compare-smart-watchesLook at all the smart watches that many companies are manufacturing now.  There are so many in different format, sizes and shapes.  When was the last time someone used a watch?  Most young people these days don’t even use them and now tech companies are saying this is the next big thing?  I have one from Google and after using this for a bit, I have stopped altogether.  The only reason was that everything I could do on my phone wasn’t possible on my watch.  Also as the screen gets smaller, who will want to type on that?  Does this mean typing is gone and now everyone will use their voice?

The only people who will use smart watches in the long run will be people in very specific fields.  In the apple ads, this was used by a runner and was useful to improve her times.  Many other fields will not see this useful at all.  Will someone who is programming use this enough to warrant this need?  Can a handy person use this?

Are smart watches a solution to anything?  Yes but as of right now you still need a smartphone to connect to them as far as I can see.  If the smart watch can be a device on its own, I think that will really help people switch to them.  As I said above the only other problem is the small screen.  This could be solved if the screen pops up for larger viewing in 3D without glasses.

The small amount of people who will use the smart watch will continue to go down.  If the big companies who are putting a lot of money into this see this as the future, they have to really look at the polls and number of users over time.

Would you use a Smart Watch now or in the future?

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One comment on “Smart Watches Coming to a Wrist Near You?
  1. Bob B says:

    But there already is a standalone smart watch: the QOne. And I would say it is feature-rich at a great price point.

    Check it out here:

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