Larger Cellphones or Larger Life?

largerphoneI have been reading for awhile that people are using larger cellphones these days as the information is easier to read and has a longer battery. This also allows for more items to be stored on the phone to provide easy access to information.  The news on larger cellphones is good but does this also mean people will use their cellphone more?  I believe that is a yes which is the downsize as people will be interacting with their phones more then people in real life.

I haven’t used my cell phone in awhile and haven’t felt the need to interact with this since.  I understand my cellphone is broken but this switching off of my cellphone was a big time coming. I am actually for once in a very long while able to see the world.  I feel for once there is a larger life out there to explore and the only way I have understood that is by being off my cellphone.

There was only two reasons, I was using my cellphone, 1. To interact with family, which I feel I can get other ways now.  2. For work but really do I need to be on 24/7 like I use to be?  The answer is no but in my line of work seems people want to get a hold of me all the time.  The outcome was always a feeling of needing to be on the cellphone forever.

For once in my life I am able to say that a larger cellphone does not equal a larger life.  Interacting with people off the computer has made me happier as I can listen to what they are saying.  Recently I was in a meeting where I actually got lots out of this then ever before as I was paying attention to the people around me.

As people move from Desktops to Laptops to Tablets to Mobile Phones, the amount of energy saved will be the biggest in the world.  The problem is that people feel like being on 24/7 now is what is needed when that is not true.  People need a life outside of the mobile phones!

Would you like to switch to a larger life?  Would a larger mobile phone help you?

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