Starbucks App – Broken or Changing the World?

starbucksI have been hearing about the Starbucks app (iPhone and Android) that people have been hacking and thought to myself what does this app actually do?  Upon doing more research, I was able to figure out that the app is more of a website in an app.  The only additions they have is that you can use your reward card from there and might if not already be able to pay for your items from that app.  Why does anyone need this app?  Oh right, companies want to brand everything and make you there little pod person so you will spend more time looking at them then the other beans in the pot.  For what its worth, I agree that Starbucks is better then the other big coffee companies in Canada which is not saying much.  For myself, the service in any independent cafe is much better and people actually talk to you like a human as opposed to a number or name on a cup.

Look at Starbucks, they have enough time + money to hire people to make a flawed app because they didn’t triple check their app worked and was secured.  Why would an app that is made to get you food have to meet these guidelines?  Because money is attached and people want to show the security flaws are easy to crack.

Now Starbucks is denying that the app was hacked at all.  Sound familiar, Apple did the same when they denied the signal problem with their iPhones.  When do companies learn that coming out with the truth is better than sitting on a lie?

Has the Starbuck app really changed the world?  From what I wrote above, you would gather, the app is broken but really this is actually helping the world in its very small way.  One big positive way is that this is getting rid of regular payments and reward cards which are an environmental mess.   This is also great for people who only go to Starbucks for their coffee and are in strange places.

Is the app going to get Starbucks to up their game?  If they start to offer food like non-gmo, vegan food, and better then fair trade to start, Starbucks will have actually succeeded in changing their small bit of the world.

Are you using the Starbucks app?  If you are, please write in the comments your experience with this app.

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