Technology During Earth Day and Earth Hour?

save energyI have been reading about Earth Hour and Earth Day that are totally different.  Earth Hour is at night on the last Saturday in March which is suppose to get people to rethink there attachment to technology including lights and power down nonessential power for 1 hour.  With this, making a party out of this.  This has been successful in many ways but in some places like my own city, the percentage of energy saved is going down not up as people forget about this or say “1 hour doesn’t make a diffence.” On the other hand, Earth Day is on April
22nd of each year which is about doing something good for the environment.  On this day, people make a splash to post what they have done on Earth Day by posting this on their social media feed and many other ways.  Earth Day has turned into Earth Week as people want to do more on the weekend or ramp up a week long campaign.

Why do both of these days take a different stance on technology, they are trying to achieve two different goals.  Yet, the long term fight to save energy is lost as majority of people don’t see the need. Either way, both of these days or even the week is not enough to see a massive energy saving.  There needs to be more involved to really challenge people to save energy over the long term.

People, companies, cities, governments need to join together and take bolder action or the results will be lost as more people connect to the energy filled arena.  To show the way, people in the developed world need to show they can reduce there need for energy faster.  Over the next 5 years will be key to see how people really step up to the challenge to move forward.

Key ways to do this:

Turn off lights when not in the room and switch to LED lights.
Unplug anything you are using.
Find alternatives to Air Conditioners like using fans.
Go one day a week without using a technology screen.

If everyone did this, the amount of energy would drop and people would be living a happier life.

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