Raspberry Pi now goes Quad Core

The Raspberry PI (rpi) has led the way and become one of the most popular low cost computer development boards see website. Costing as little as $35. It was designed for promoting and teaching Computer science in schools. The rpi has a great user community and a lot of options in terms of use and operating system choice. Now they have developed the rpi2 which is running an ARMv7 quad core and 1GB ram the rest is compatible with other rpi models and so all modules will work. see here for more information Raspberry PI 2 On Sale
This new rpi 2 will be able to run a wider variety of operating system including  a special version of windows 10 Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 to get a copy of this free os you need to join up with the developer program Windows Developer Program for IoT then you can get the latest updates and use the operating system as an os or to develop your own applications etc. only time will tell if this will really become more than just another project for the few or more widely used among people into computers.


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