Loss & Odroid Resurrection.

Just before Christmas I had a break in at home and my Macbook Pro and windows 7 Laptops stolen. (Will be saving for a New Laptop Probably another Macbook).  After trying to get some older laptops that i have working at their best (will post about them later), I decided to give my OdroidU3 another try This time with a setup more for everyday use computer. Things I have done.

I now have a 32gb class 10 micro sd card to make use of somehow.
Here is what I have done  info taken from This Tutorial

I booted one laptop into TahrPup a puppy linux operating system. and downloaded the ubuntu os from here. I got the standard version ubuntu-14.04.1lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20141124.img.xz i also got the md5sum file too.

  1. once downloaded I needed to run a md5sum check to make sure it was downloaded properly with no errors.
  2. I opened a terminal and went to the downloads folder “cd /mnt/home/TahrPup/Downloads”
  3. then typed “ls” to show the contents
  4. then type “md5sum ubuntu-14.04.1lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20141124.img.xz” you will get a long string of letters and numbers.
  5. compare the output  to the correct md5sum in this text file  /mnt/home/TahrPup/Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.1lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20141124.img.xz.md5sum. (They should be the same if not need to download this again and check until the md5sum match)
  6. I unpacked the file by clicking it in the file browser. it gave the file /mnt/home/TahrPup/Downloads/ubuntu-14.04.1lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20141124.img
  7. Next using i plugged the Emmc module and its addaptor into my sd card reader in the laptop
  8. opened a terminal and ran “fdisk -l” which tole me on my computer the sd card was /dev/sdb
  9.  Made sure it was not mounted by running “sudo umount /dev/sdb1” and “sudo umount/dev/sdb2” (this was because the emmc had 2 partitions on it).
  10. tested to see all was unmounted properly by running “mount | grep sdb” it showed no mounted partitions on /dev/sdb
  11. in the terminal check again with folder with the command “ls”
  12. next to write the ubuntu.img to the emmc I run sudo “dd if=ubuntu-14.04.1lts-lubuntu-odroid-u-20141124.img of=/dev/sdb”
  13. now its complete
  14. Plug the emmc or sd back into the odroid and boot up.

My test worked ok and i am able to bolotr into a working ubuntu os. I will post again in a few days when i am able with what i have done to set this up. using my experiences from testing the Odroid out. see  Odroid Setup, and More Odroid Testing

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