Review of Opensuse 13.2 Tumbleweed

I decided to test out the latest KDE version of Opensuse and like other reviews I have written I gave myself the same five tasks to see how easy or difficuilt that would be.

1. Configure sources and update.
Since installing from live media there is usually updates available after installing , depending on time between release and the time you install there could be quite a few to install so choosing the closest server is recommended.
The repos can be changed in YAST , the control centre for Opensuse , Look for Software repositories.

By default in Opensuse the updates are chosen automatically based on fastest. If you want to choose another mirror and specify which mirror you can specify that here.

Click “Ok” to start the update process

2. Install Third Party Nvidia Drivers
There isn’t a driver manager as such however there is the SDB (Software DataBase)

Click the Install button for download the Yast package for the nvidia device and open with Yast

Click “Next to contiune”

Click “Next to Continue”

After that it will start downloading the driver

Once that has installed reboot.

3. Automount Partitions Using The Fstab File
This process is the same as other distros, kdesu kwrite /etc/fstab, create the entries from the uuid numbers for each partitions from the output of sudo blkid and create the mountpoints for each partition , the run sudo mount -a to make sure there are no errors

4. Configure The Login Background
I had some trouble finding this at first, however the option was staring me in the face the whole time

5. Set Up A New User
Open Yast , Users and Group Management

Click “Add”

Enter the details for the new user and click “Ok”

Without much experience with KDE and Opensuse it is hard to write a proper conclusion. However from what I experienced whilst my short time using it to write this article , it’s not so much better/worse then other distros/desktop just different. I would really need sometime to sit down and learn how to use this release effectively and efficiently. So if starting out with linux or you wish to try something different to other desktops Opensuse and Kde is worth a look even if its not my cup of tea.

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