Speed It All Up – Make Your Browser Faster

Today i am going to share with you some basic things you can do in your browser and, tweaks that will make your experience better.

The main browsers today are Firefox, Google Chrome (Chromium), Internet explorer (windows only), Safari (mac only), and Opera.

Browser Data: Cache, Cookies and other related data your browser keeps, over time can slow down your browser. it is a good idea to clear this stored data. quick video guide

Add-ons: add-ons and extensions in your browser can give you some great features not there by default. but also having to many can slow down your browser.
That said. there are 2 main add-ons to look for one that blocks adds, and one that blocks flash. Here is some great add-ons to help speed and make things easier.

  • Adblock Plus: This is now available on most browsers and is great. for blocking the annoying adds, tabs, and such that popup and slow your browsing down.  a must have. Adblock Plus – Features also add any extra subscriptions to give adblock plus more blocking ability.
  • Flashblock: also available in most browsers. this blocks all flash video from playing. It replaces the flash video  with an icon that you can click on to play the video. many websites have flash banner adds etc that slow down the browser. Flash is slowly being replaced with Html5 which has many advantages.
  • any Html5 add-on: you should find an add-on that will force html5 first if available. this is good when browsing website that use html5 like some videos in youtube now do.  you can also enable this feature in your youtube account when logged into it.
  • Browser Sync: these days most browsers have native sync. create an account, login and you can sync your add-ons browser data etc. this is great fi you use multiple computers or devices which makes it easy to share things. although this will not speed things up it will save on all the custom setup.
  • Xmarks: This is a cross browser add-on to sync your bookmarks. you can have one set of bookmarks and manage them on all your browsers. handy if you use different computers a combination of chrome, firefox, safari or explorer. Xmarks

You can also disable java and flash altogether. doing this on your operating system, Will speed up browsing websites, but you will find you will need it for features in many websites.  Some people turn them both off. and only use them when needed.
Diable Java in your web browser

These are just some simple basic things to do to make your browsing and using the internet faster, better and saving the annoying things that bombard you.

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