Run A Secure os as Possible

The Basic idea:

There are many reasons to be careful about what you do on line. if using windows to a lesser extent mac and yes even Linux can get viruses and trogens etc. there are many things you will find online on how to protect yourself online from loss of your privacy, and how to protect yourself from being attacked by viruses, trojens, and hacks. For those people that are extra secure, some may say paranoid, today we are going to talk about how to run an operating system in the most secure way you can. 

we are going to use Puppy Linux see our other puppy linux info here 

1. install puppy linux to usb. this will be a live os to start with..  
2. next set up the os with the first time boot window.  then shutdown.
3. you will be prompted to make a save file.
4. choose minimum 1gb save (you can make that bigger later).
5. reboot os using save file.
6. install your apps etc you use, and set them up. (browser addons and settings, set up xchat, pidgin etc).
7. from puppy menu remaster your os to make a new .iso.
8. install again to usb or cd/dvd (dc/dvd is best for this).
9. use os online.
10. dont make a save file for this when prompted.

How this works: Puppy Linux runs in ram. it is not run from a filesystem, unless using a save file. Without a filesystem no viruses can be running. If there was a Linux virus running however, when you shutdown the session is wiped and so is the virus etc.

At the time of writing this there are 2 puppy linux os i recommend. both are comparable with ubuntu so have lots of apps available. this means they have access to the ubuntu repos in the puppy package manager when updated.
1. precise pup (compatible with ubuntu 12.04/mint 13 with support till 2017). PrecisePUP
2. tahr pup (compatible with ubuntu 14.04/mint 17 with support till 2019). TahrPup

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