Setting up my Odroid

I haven’t written anything previously on the odroid as it wasn’t working correctly , I had problems with powering off. I kept seeing the error “You should not reach here”. After trying various solutions to no avail and basically told that it must have been something I had done to the software, it was recommended to me to try replacing the battery on the device. With that replaced there was no more error, so either the battery itself was faulty or perhaps something happened to the battery in transit, I’m not sure. However since others are having the same problem I’m guessing the former.

Now that the hardware problem is fixed this is how I’m setting up my odroid. There are a few linux distros that can be used aswell as android (available from here). I started with the ubuntu-14.04lts-server-odroid-u-20140604 image. To copy the image to the emmc module I used sudo dd if=ubuntu-14.04lts-server-odroid-u-20140604.img bs=4M of=/dev/sdc && sync. The process took some time, once it was finished I booted the device. Since It was the server edition it was cli only and I decided I wanted to be able to use a gui I installed xfce , this time I used the xubuntu-desktop meta package but I could have chosen the xfce4 metapackage , however I have had trouble with ubuntu’s lightdm.

I also chose to install dosbox, gksu, libav-tools openssh-server, synaptic, system-config-samba, xchat and x11vnc at the same time. I also removed byobu, gimp, gigolo, gnumeric, parole, pidgin, thunderbird and the ubuntu software center. Reduced the resolution and disabled lightlocker. Copied from my other desktop my thunar custom action scripts, bash aliases , dosbox games and xchat settings. The last thing I did was tidy up the menu , changing the favourites menu in whiskermenu (not too difficuilt right click the menu item add to / remove from favourites. However the removal of the contribute to xubuntu and xubuntu help icons where tricky to track down, they are located in /usr/share/xubuntu/applications.

For those wondering I chose the server image as I was originally setting this device up as a server only, but then changed my mind. I’m still going to have it as a server but also as a multimedia connected to my t.v. Also to my knowledge there is no Xubuntu image of 14.04.

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One comment on “Setting up my Odroid
  1. Andrew Velazco says:

    Just got my hands on an odroid. With not much experience with Linux I’m going to look up some tutorials on how to set it up as an air play receiver to send music to it wirelessly. Also considered having a second one mounted with a small tv near the entrance of my office with Google calender syncd on it somehow. I’ll keep up with your blog looks interesting.

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