More Odroid Testing

Since my last update Odroid Update I have been doing more testing. i have had mixed results. After the default os, Xubuntu 13.10, failed on applying the updates. I installed debian jessie update U2/U3 build on the sd card using the windows flashing tool  This operating system was great os it had a good set of default apps and on the forums there was a tutorial on how to purge the operating system to just run XBMC. Jessie exclusively for XBMC. Note: XBMC (Xbox Media Centre) is an open source media centre tool to manage file servers and Ftp into other commuters. it has all you need to view images/photos etc, watch videos, and play movies. (in my brief testing XBMC does what it clams. overall i am happy with it).

  1. Openssh-Server: to install the ssh server to gain access into the computer incase it will run but not boot properly or hang on boot screen. in terminal type “sudo apt-get install openssh-server” test it from another computer to see if you can access the odroid on the network.
  2. then i ran command sudo apt-get update && sudo pat-get dist-upgrade. Here is the following from upgrade.
  3. initial was here i pressed Y and continued during the update i got opens-server config window saying here (i figured i can do this later if needed so said no at this time). 
  4. another config window came up here (no option but to say ok). then i got this during update here (i checked difference between versions the original version was blank so ok to update) 
  5.  then i got PAM config here (not sure so i just went cancel. this same pam config widow came up 2-3 times more.) 
  6.  Then i got this window here
  7. then i got message to remove some I left them install as i can remove them later
  8. then after i booted up the os it went to a blank screen so i used my other computer running mac osx. and ssh into it. then i installed. this and ran all updates. 
  9. After a reboot odroid could boot to the tty login screen. trying to run startx did not work. so i decided to reflash and when i update i will keep all old configuration files and not install package maintainers version. and see what happens.
after a reboot tv screen says no signal will need to reinstall again. i worked out that the diet upgrade had issues. 
to shutdown from tty “sudo shutdown -h 0

Again after Running “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” things failed so i reinstalled. tested again ran “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade” still had issues. using the odroid utility tool from  **(link)** did nothing to help fix the problems kernel update did not fix anything, updating the Mali graphics drivers did not help etc so i abandoned this. Odroid has a new official linux os Lubuntu 14.04 i installed this on the eMCC module. at first i had a few issues both the screen resolution and adding a 2nd panel where reset after each boot I did fix this eventually. applying “sudo apt-get update” and then running the odroid-utility did not work for me. perhaps the odroid-utility is outdated and does not have the tweaks to fix the ubuntu 14.04 base but running “sudo apt-get update” then using the software update tool works for me. so at this time i am happy using the os.

I have no stopped using debian jessie build on the odroid due to the above issues with updates etc. and i have successfully been running the new Ubuntu build which is Lubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support). I will be doing a post on this os in the next 2 weeks.

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One comment on “More Odroid Testing
  1. […] My test worked ok and i am able to bolotr into a working ubuntu os. I will post again in a few days when i am able with what i have done to set this up. using my experiences from testing the Odroid out. see  Odroid Setup, and More Odroid Testing […]

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