Install Linux Mint 17 Inside An Lvm

I have previously written guides on lvm’s and how to install in Linux Mint Debian Edtion.Please note that the linuxmint 17 installer can use the whole disk for an lvm , this guide does not cover that , this is if you have a setup where you need to create the lvm from partitions as opposed the whole disk.


I’m going to use partitions /dev/sda6 and /dev/sda8 for this guide , partitions /dev/sda3 , /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda7 are used for the lmde and lvm guide I referenced earlier.


Create the physical volumes , open a terminal , sudo pvcreate /dev/sda6 /dev/sda8


Create the volume group with sudo vgcreate mint17_group /dev/sda6 /dev/sda8 , not that the group can be anything


Create the logical volume with sudo lvcreate -l 10238 -n logical_vol1 mint17_group , if you’re wondering where I got the 10238 number is the Total PE number from the output of sudo vgdisplay


Create the ext4 partition inside the lvm , sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mint17_group/logical_vol2


Start the installer and choose your language



Since I want to use the partition we created choose something else


Select to use the newly created ext4 partition as /


If you choose not to format the partition you’ll get this error , since the partition was newly created and I know its empty I’m continuing


If you try to install to the partition you will get this error , best to install to the mbr unless you know you dont need too , you can also choose not to install grub which is what I’m doing


Select location


Keyboard layout


Create a user


Be patient this might take awhile


Download the language packs

Once the installer has finished you should be able to reboot , if you didnt install grub as you already had another grub in the mbr like I do you can add an entry like this to your existing os’s /etc/grub.d/40_custom provided sudo update-grub didnt pick it up

menuentry “Linux Mint 17 Xfce” –class gnu-linux –class gnu –class os {
search –no-floppy –fs-uuid –set=root 2f3fe4e1-503a-4dbe-b661-4a062ed9946f
multiboot /boot/grub/i386-pc/core.img

To get the appropriate uuid run sudo blkid
/dev/mapper/mint17_group-logical_vol2: UUID=”2f3fe4e1-503a-4dbe-b661-4a062ed9946f” TYPE=”ext4″ is what the output looks like for me

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