Electronic Devices Increasing Demand for Electricity


This is the idea most people are getting that they need more and more devices that drive up energy use.  This comes as a new report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) comes out that says devices are wasting power in standby mode.  To this effect, why are people needing more and more devices instead of being outside where they can be without technology and lower the need for consumption of energy by devices?

To add, the IEA, says there is extra Greenhouse Gases emitted from all the devices that are in standby mode.  Which is the exact oppose of what should be happening in our world as everyone tries to tackle the Climate Crisis.

People really should want to do more with less, which I see is key here.  The amount of devices everyone has could be decreased if all companies went to a standard format.  There are many companies jumping in this way but still many who feel the need to build their own software outside of this realm.  Overall, the idea is to use the best technology out there, in a way that allows us to need less devices.

For my setup these days, I have one smartphone, one tablet and one laptop.  Which if I really think about this and wrote before that I wish I could use my tablet and smartphone only.  For a web developer that is very hard but if I move to fulltime writer that would be very simple.

The point is to use less devices to decrease the amount of energy used in standby mode and overall in the world.  The amount of energy that is wasted is enough to cut out many of the big energy plants and a move to small scale energy sources.

Do you want to waste less and spend more time outside or increase the amount of devices and energy you use?

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