Smart Ph / Tablet Mobile Data Usage – Tips to Manage Your Data

These days if you have a smart phone or Tablet with 3g/4g ability here are some things you need to know to help save you money, privacy and other important things.

Set a Data cap: Ask your telephone company (telco) to do this for you.
Real Time Data Monitor: Use a real time data monitor this will help you manager your data usage. your telco may have an app that will let you see how much data you have used.
Use Wifi: to help you save money use wifi when you can. free wifi is available at many cafes, restaurants, the local library etc. Just remember free wifi is not encrypted like your Home network or mobile data. so dont use it for financial transactions. other people can access this sensitive information to get access to your account, and money.
Avoid using data: When using data hungry apps: Any apps that syncs automatically when you connect to mobile data or wifi.  Streaming/Watching Video, music/audio online, social media posting. etc. Make sure any apps are set to sync on wifi.
Switch mobile/cellular Data Off: Switch this on / off as you need it to save extra usage and charges.
Location Tracking Apps: Make sure you are aware what applications track your location using data and GPS. Maps, Weather, services to find local businesses etc.
Use Mobile Websites: When you need to go online make sure you are accessing mobile friendly websites, these Websites use less data and and are optimised for mobile display, formats etc. check your mobile browser settings to display single column view or mobile version.
Close apps when finished using them: Often times an application will be still running in the background using data or battery. to make sure the apps are properly turned off press the back button until the app has closed. Using the Home button may not always shut down the app. use your mobiles task manager or install one from app store. so you can easily check what apps are running in the background.
Check app permissions: When installing an application on your phone check what permissions it requires, these are the default setting sand some can be turned off in the app itself. Your mobile may have a way to view the applications permissions in the settings.

Overall if you learn how to manager your phone/tablet data connection you will waste less of your data plan, save on extra charges, and also help save your battery life.
Note: if you also apply these tips when using your wifi connection you will help save money and extra wifi usage as well, especially if at home you are on a limited internet plan.

Happy Mobile using.

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