Odroid Update.

Since the Odroid mini computer arrived several weeks ago. I have been testing and trying things out.
First it came with the Default xubuntu 13.10 os installed on the memory module. This is a good operating system that ran surprisingly well. I began to install apps and set it up how i wanted and it seemed to go well. There was one problem i found where the default Odroid wifi device would at times fail to connect properly. so i searched the Odroid forums and found this kernel update.. after installing it this is where things went weird. after the update the os was not running properly, it would boot to a desktop but the desktop would not run properly. I found out after this that the xfce desktop default xfce window manager (wm) had issues running on the odroid so it was using open box wm. the update caused the xfce window manager to become active. to fix this I had to manually open the terminal and run “sudo openbox –replace” which worked, but this was reset on each boot.

after this i decided to purchase a Micro SD card. I ended up getting a 16 GB Adata class 10, micro sd rated to run at 30mb/sec. this is so i could try out a few other operating systems. the next few posts will detail the operating systems i try out and what they are like.

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3 comments on “Odroid Update.
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