Technology While on Vacation

I believe that every time I go on vacation, I am still working on some technology.  In my line of work, there doesn’t seem to be a day when I am not working or on some device.  The first vacation, I can truly get away from technology would be the best ever.

Most people are now so wired that they can’t leave anything behind and need to be up to speed on what is going on in the world, work and family the second this happens.  If people wanted to get away from everything, they would put down their devices and go to a place where they can just relax.  People don’t need to be up to speed on everything.

There are tons of people who say no to technology every year to get some time with family, friends and more.  If our whole lives are evolving around technology that is scary.  Technology does improve our lives but shouldn’t take them over.  I know that if this happens people will start to scream and feel like they lost touch with reality.

Vacations should be a time to get away and not think about the work that needs to be done.  Most of the time if you run your own business or working on your own without others to help, there is no downtime at all.  This is why, scheduling in downtime and planning for a longer vacation down the road is good.

For myself, I am never scheduling vacations at all but know I need to.  This means knowing that I am going to get away from everything and not scream.  Plans need to be in place and continue to be worked on but put in a few pieces before you break down.

Do you use technology when you vacation?

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