How To Create Your Own Ubuntu Respin

There are many reasons as to why you might want to create your own respin , they can include

You might want to install using your favourite theme , icon pack, applets etc.
You might want to install using your favourite applcations
To fix a bug in the current iso
It can be fun to show off what you create

Ubuntu has a tool called Ubuntu Customization Kit , Uck for short, it can be installed from software center/synaptic or in terminal sudo apt-get install uck. It can then be launced from the menu.

Welcome Screen
Choosing the language packs you want to use, I chose english (en)
Choosing the languages available at boot, I chose english (en)
Choosing the default language again I chose english (en)
Choosing which Desktop Enviroment, since I’m using Xubuntu and xfce isn’t list I chose others.
Choosing which iso to customize. For me the xubuntu 14.04 iso is in the Downloads folder.
Choosing a name for the live media. You can be more creative then me if you like , I’ve just kept it simple/
Choosing whether or not to customize the contents further during building , you might already be happy with the customizations that youve already done so far, but im selecting to customize further.
Choose whether or not to remove the windows components from the live media , since im not planning to use the iso in windows im choosing to remove these components.
Choose to create a hybrid iso , I chose to create a hybrid iso so I can use dd for the iso’s.
Press ok to continue.
After continuing and entering your sudo password, the iso will be unpacked so the contents can be copied.
The cache will be refreshed.
Depending on what you’ve chosen so far packages will be installed/removed.
Press continue if your happy with the changes made and you wish to continue the builid process.
Entering console application will open a chroot so you can make further changes. If you would like to use gui tools at this time I wrote how to use chroot and Xnest. Install xnest on the computer building the iso and run the above
Then in the chroot enviroment run export DISPLAY=:1
Since synaptic and inxi weren’t installed and in my opinion are useful I installed them
Running Synaptic from within Xnest.
When you’re finished customizing , type exit the chroot
To build the iso press continue
This could take awhile to finish
Rebulding the iso.

Once finished you might get an error message about not being able to create a hybrid image, this seems to be a bug. Even tho it failed for me I was still able to use the image

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