More About Thunderbird Email Client

Following on from my post Thunderbird one of the best email clients. Here are some more great add-ons and features available

Chat: Thunderbird can handily many different chat clients. such as irc, google chat, Facebook chat and more.
Feed: Thunderbird has a built in fed reader to handle rs feeds.
Lightening Month Tabs: this is an add-on that allows you to display a vervain month in a tab. so you can have a separate tab for each month co compare them.
Thunderbird one of the best email clients.
Singnature Switch: This add-on is a good one especially if you have different accounts,  or you can setup different signatures for the same account. this is handy as when you may want to send a personal email you can have one signature and a different one for business emails. etc.
Adblock Plus: this is the same add-on you can get in firefox browser. it is useful if you use the thunder browser add-on mentioned in the previous post. it blocks adds in the browser just like in firefox.
Themes/Look’n’feel: Thunderbird, like Firefox, has many different options th change who it looks and feels with lots of  themes and tweaks  you can choose from hundreds of different themes, and change the colours, etc to suite you needs.

There are all these different options and more you can get to enhance what thunderbird can will turn a simple email only application into something that does much more. You can use thunderbird for Email, Calander, Tasks, Chat, feeds, Browsing. Depending on your needs and what you prefer, you may want to eliminate other apps and just use thunderbird to do everything. That is up to you.

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