Apple’s Environment Record

I have read this blog post about Apple push to address Climate Change.  To do this, Apple is building more clean energy plus a new campus + improving the land around the new area for their staff in the head office.

To let the public know about their plans, Apple released a new video in Earth Day.

On top of that Apple added a very big environmental leader in Lisa Jackson former heard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) last year.  She is pushing Apple to do more for the environment and working on key pieces of Apple’s environment policy.

This all started when Apple was publicly critiqued by Greenpeace in a huge campaign that got world wide attention.  Now Apple is moving from the dark days of bad environmental practice’s to looking ahead to having a better footprint on this Earth.  Also pushing Apple was Google publicly coming out and saying “we take the environment seriously and here is how.” Google has listed almost everything they have done for the environment including but not limiting to food, clean technology and allowing people to work from home plus moving elements of campuses into bigger cities.

There are still companies that are saying Apple is not perfect and the reason Apple is getting a lot of attention is that they are one of the world’s largest company.  Also Apple does software + hardware  development and people can say “If you do both ends of the line, why are you not cutting your footprint down?”

Do you ahead with Apple’s direction in the Environment?

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