Music and Technology

Now you will not know anything about this, but  apart from having an interest in technology I also play music.  I can play a range of instruments. I have decided to start a topic here to talk about Music and Technology. This topic includes many things, gear such as pedals and effects, vocal processors, and such, and also how to set up your own home recording studio to record things.

I will be talking about some of the technology I have and what i am doing  that relates to the  technology side of my own musical experience. To find out about what I am doing  musically you can find me on Facebook or  SoundCloud

My basic setup is as follows.
Acoustic guitar, Ukulele, an effects pedal, Di Box, small practice/busking amp, Mic & Stand, Macbook Pro, Garageband and USB microphone. for a more detailed look at my current setup please see my current setup

I am going through some changes in my way of thinking and how i go about my setup. The aim is to keep things simple and upgrade, when I need, to help achieve this . This will start with changes in how i use my current gear, research into new gear / music technology that i may like to get. and taking about what i do get. The main focus will still be on the technology side more than music.

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