Quick Info:- Linux Mint

Hi this is a quick note about Linux Mint

Linux Mint (Mint) is is a nice smart looking operating system. It is built with easy access and use in mind. It has all the applications for you to do most of what you currently do. Mint is built on top of Ubuntu.  Currently Mint has 2 versions

  1. LTS Version: Mint 17, Qiana (built on Ubuntu 14.04 with support untill 2019)
  2. Previous LTS Version: Mint 13, Maya (built on Ubuntu 12.04 with Support until 2017)

Update From Linux Mint 16 July 2014:
A recent development has happened with Linux Mint. Currently there are 2 LTS distributions (distros) both come  in one of these versions, Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, and Kde

  1. Mint 13 will mainly get security, and other updates provided by the Ubuntu base
  2. Mint 17 has support until 2019. This will have support for new things backported to it and maintained by the Linux Mint developers.

The mint team is now going to focus on mint 17 which is built on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Here is what is happening with the Mint 17 development

Quote from The Linux Mint BlogLinux Mint 17 was the first release of the 17.x series and it opens a new era for our project and a very important cycle for us. During the next 2 years, popular applications will be backported to 17.x and the team will continue to bring improvements and newer desktop environments with each new release. Security updates will also be served until 2019. Whereas the team would normally focus on the next release, this time around the next release is 17.1 and it shares the exact same base. So although 17.1 will be a distinct release and users will opt-in to upgrade to it, that upgrade path will be trivial and both releases will be fully compatible and represent the same development target. Never in the past did Linux Mint invest so much focus in its base. For the release of Linux Mint 17, attention to detail spanned to new areas and the scope of the project got a little bigger… more upstream components were patched and bugs were tackled immediately without waiting for the fixes to be applied by Debian or Ubuntu. When the base was only used for 6 months, it didn’t always make sense to invest too much into it and fixing something often meant making sure it was being tackled in the next base to come. Using the base for 2+ years means we can improve future releases while better supporting existing ones and our level of expectation can raise to a point where part of what was considered upstream before now also falls under our own responsibility.

This aims to be a good idea for Linux Mint they are committed to bringing more development and maintaining of the os themselves. Opting for the stable LTS base is a good idea.

Get Mint 17
Get Mint 13
Linux MInt Debian Edition (LMDE)
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