Social Media and False Reality – Get Off Social Media If it Brings You Down

In this Day and age where people are posting only the best of what they are doing, or that happens in their lives on social media itself like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, This can make you think people dont have problems at all.

I have noticed that many people post the best bits of their lives. I am thankful for the few people i know who are real about life even on social media and they do post what is really going on, a normal Life.

If you are going through a bad time in your life and feeling down, its easy to jump on social media and escape the reality, hiding behind a false sense of everything is ok. Even with the eventuating Chat where you can talk to people on the spot. it is easy to paint a picture that all is ok.  it helps if we are real about what is going on and what is happening in our lives. not that you always want to blab on Facebook etc all the problems and details going on in your life  but there is a place for that too.

There are some very good things about social media. You can join many groups with people who have similar, interests, problems, issues, etc and find a good place to share. But if you are in such a group this can also be a bad thing especially if you see everyone out there posting the bad things going on and you dont see the positive at all. It is good in these groups for the members to be able to connect and share their experiences and be able to help each other out. but if you find you spend more time in such a group escaping the reality , and people, and lock yourself in to getting help online. it may cause you to lean to heavily on this an spend an excessive amount online in these groups to feel lived, helped, , feel normal. while these are good things they can also be so bad that people can lock themselves away from the world around them. It all comes down to the individual and how it affects them.

Here is an interesting article on this subject Want to be happier? Stop comparing yourself to what you see on social media.
Here is another interesting one New Study Says Social Media Is Making You Crazy

In conclusion if you find that you are spending to much time online and living in a false reality, Think about reducing your time and go and Live your life for all its worth.

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