Technology At Night

I have read this article about getting a good sleep at night.  There is an interesting idea that technology is causing us to lose more sleep as technology creeps more and more into the bedroom. 

I feel, this is causing me to sleep less as I seem to be on technology almost all the time.  I use two different devices at night and seem to always want them around to watch videos or talk to someone or response to email.  There needs to be a set time and place to use technology which is hard for everyone.  Yet these limits will help improve quality of life, and make sure that everyone knows between certain times there is no way to get in touch without face to face interactive.

At night, people need to use more artificial lighting and seem to not really want to experiment life without the lights beaming from screens.  Seems lately, people only want to experiment with this during Earth Hour and not any other time.  This is great but if people are not using artificial lighting, their health and awareness will improve.

If people really wanted to move forward, turning off technology at night would be a start.  There needs to be time carved out for people to live life simply and without technology.  Seems that this is impossible with us being wired to more people and work available anytime of the day.

Tell us your stories of not using technology at night.

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