Protests in the Era of Technology

Technology is playing a bigger part of our lives and everyday news is changing.  As I listen to people, they hear about a protest and by the next day they are onto the next protest.  Look at the protests that happen around the world, they will make the social media and news in second and the lifespan is normally less than a day unless there is a new angle to the protest.

Take for example the SOPA and PIPA that the US Congress tried to pass into law.  The story didn’t hit social media until the protests started to get big, and there was a fight in people to take this down.  Right after the protests won the fight, hardly anyone heard anything about this afterwards.  People in the social media and airwaves turned a blind eye to this.  This recently came back in the spotlight when a new documentary came out about Aaron Swartz.

Now people are talking even more about protesting everything to do with technology from email to mobile phones to apps etc.  All because of the NSA leaks that keep coming out and that there is no safe venue to talk to people on technology.  Private communication should be allowed in theory.  Now the goal of all the privacy people is to invent ways to block governments, from snooping on any person out there.

In the end, is this protest going to win?  Maybe if enough people join forces and continue to protest along with building the right technology.  I would like to see the protesters win and have great technology that is not spied on every second.

Protests to gain our freedom should be top of the agenda for all but sadly people are too focused on other items to care.  The weight of these protests ride on the shoulders of the people who create change.

Should the protests for freedom on technology continue?

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