Apple’s iPhone Misunderstood Ad – Debate?

I was reading the blog article which talks about the new Christmas iPhone ad and seems to make out that there is a debate as to weather technology is for celebration or retreat to.  Really can a small technology called the iPhone, make or break our society?  In true sense, the ad says, what you do with the technology is the way to look at this.

I think the ad is great in some ways as I always love Apple for bring us ads that most other companies want to copy which this one is no exception to.  The other point is this shows family hanging out and having fun which not many people do these days.  Another point is that from the ad, more people will find better usage for the technology they already have.

On the other hand, the ad says why is society using technology more and more when interaction is what people want?  I can understand that technology creates greater interaction but in a more non-talkative way.  You really don’t need to make an effort to use technology in more and more parts of our world, which makes more people say “Why go anywhere when we can talk online or on the phone?” In a sense, people need to understand there is a time and place for technology and not be attached at the hip with this.

In a way, there is no debate in my mind as I see this, technology shouldn’t be a driver in our day to day interaction with others.  People need to jump out of the comfort zone and start to do more off of technology.  As the article for The Star says, one guy works as a janitor and plays 4 hours of video games during the week plus all day on weekends.  Is our society not pushing ourselves enough to do more?  I would say, fewer are in the younger generations as their parents did.  There seems to be a bigger social safety net that young people see will help them along even when they do nothing.

Would you consider Apple Ad as Misunderstood or Misleading?

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