Review of Fedora 20 Heisenbug

As with the other reviews I have given myself the same 5 easy or not so easy tasks to complete.

1.Configure Sources and Update
I could not find a gui manager for where to select the local mirror , however I was able to find a plugin for yum (Fedora’s package manager) called yum-plugin-fastestmirror.

To see what updates are available Activites -> Show Applications -> Software
Double click to view more detailed information

2. Install third party Nvidia Drivers
As far as I can see there is no gui tool for this in Fedora and to add to the confusion another repository called RPMFusion needs to be added. I found a good guide here on how to install the driver. I know that page is for Fedora 19 but the commands are still the same.

3. Automount the partition using the fstab file
This is much the same process as in my other reviews. However instead of using gksu Fedora uses beesu and is not installed by default.

4. Configure the Login Screen
Fedora does not seem to have a gui manager for this task it seems , I googled around on how to do this and the best guide I found was from here

5.Add a new user
There is a gui tool for this goto Activities -> Show Applications -> Settings -> Users

Click on the Padlock to make Changes

Click on the + Icon to add a new users

Setup the new user

There are some nice features that I like , especially being able to setup a new user and let them set the password when they login, seems so simple but not all gui login managers do this. The UI is reasonably user friendly , even for someone who is not used to it. However after installing the Nvidia drivers the whole system ran too slow and even crashed a few times , probably due to my hardware not coping with the requirements of gnome-shell using 3d acceleration. I had to remove the Nvidia driver and use nouveau just to make the system usable, with using nouveau I had the same graphics glitches I had with Ubuntu and Mint. I find myself using the terminal more often then I did with Ubuntu or Mint. I found that on my system it was a bit slow and sluggish probably needs a more powerfull computer with more ram and video memory then I have.

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One comment on “Review of Fedora 20 Heisenbug
  1. Joseph Ziehm says:

    I have used Fedora since Fedora 13 and find Heisenbug even in an lxde format to be unusable and the open source drivers are dramatically worse. Being known for leading edge software is one thing; putting out an alpha quality release seriously makes me have misgivings about how Fedora has placed seriousness at the point of taking pride in their work.

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