Disconnecting on Weekends Too Much?

I was reading this article on Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com.au/two-days-of-weekend-is-too-much-2013-11) which makes me think of the world and how technology plays in this.  Overall, I feel society needs less technology and more living life which involves actually turning off technology and doing  something else.

I agree with Kit Juckes that most people can’t find anything to do as soon as they retire.  I hear that all the time and some people die within a few months after they retire.  This means that work is the centre piece of our lives which is bad as there needs to be a space for leisure time.  For myself, I don’t put enough time into having fun as I should but understand keeping a calendar with leisure time activities helps.

As for having two days off a week, this is hard for everyone who works as technology has moved work from the office space to everywhere space.  The problem is that there is plenty of research done that says “People need to be active and away from technology screens for a certain period of the day.” Hardly anyone does that these days and is becoming increasingly harder as society has smaller technology devices that can do much more.

Should society take 2 days off to relax and veg out?  I say yes but in the real world, people seem to want more connection and enjoyment of what is going on in the world.  This seems to be happening more and more on screens and not with people around us.  For myself, I tend to take bigger breaks than smaller ones, which means I go away for awhile and come back feel a little better.  I do need to learn to disconnect from technology during that time.

Technology is making us have less time off and more time on the clock regarding paid or volunteer work.  I know going forward, I am going to have to spend more time relaxing. Is there any easy way to do this?  In my career as a freelance web developer, this is harder as people can get in touch with me anytime.

If you know of how to make more time for relaxing, hanging out and volunteering please comment below.

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2 comments on “Disconnecting on Weekends Too Much?
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  2. mickeyj4j says:

    Well i think that it is not “work that is the centre piece of our lives” it is having something to live for. Work plays a part in this as it provides us a means to earn money to afford the basics in life and things we would like to get.

    When people retire it is healthy for them to find activities to be involved in, a senior club or other community group. Getting more involved with the family, helping take the grandchildren out to activities etc.

    I do agree we need to spend more time away from technology and doing other things. Its how we manage time. The other day when i was on the bus i heard some young people talking about what it would be like if they did not go on Facebook for 24hours, or the weekend, and how people would react when they did go back on. I dont think they could actually do it though.

    Traditionally society has taken one day off to rest, being a saturday, This came from the jewish middle when God told the Jews to remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy and to rest. There have been many studies showing if we rest one day a week we will be more productive and get more done. I agree with that idea and think we should give ourselves enough time to rest and relax. This includes eating properly, having a well balanced diet (eating properly and enough), allowing our bodies to de-stress and relax every day. also not doing to much in our lives. sure it is ok to have hobbies, or social activities like sports, etc but I know from experience that if you do to much it affects your health, and well-being.

    take care of yourselves, live a stress free life and if you need to I agree take a day or 2 to get of technology, the internet, and have a life.

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