Install OSX 10.9, Mavericks

Following on from my post OSX 10.9 . The update begins. This is the 3rd post in my series on OSX 10.9

To install the latest OSX version go to the app store, search for osx 10.9 click on the install button. follow the steps to install. The Install took around 1-2hrs was not around when it finished so not exactly sure.

after installing:

  1. You have to agree to apple terms and conditions
  2. it will tell you what apps may not be compatible
  3. asked to install java. with a message (to install “java,” you need a Java SE 6 runtime. would you like to install it now.) click the install button. installs click ok when done.
  4. Pop to Updates Ready to install Install. Install/Later. install updates. as usual you need to enter your apple ID
  5. new popup Turn on Auto Updates, Not Now/Turn On
  6. popup What’s New in OS X Mavericks Close Show

updates: if you want to see a list of updates click on the app store instead. Updates i had are

  1. software update for digital camera
  2. pages
  3. iphoto
  4. imovie

Whats New: clicking the popup takes you to this website Whats New From Mountain Lion.  it has a detailed slideshow of the new features.

  1. Ibooks: osx now has ibooks which has been available in iOS Mobile/tablet for a while now
  2. Maps:  information about the new maps feature. also been in iOS for a while.
  3. calendar: New calendar features added to improve managing your appointments and dates.
  4. Safari: new enhancements and features to the default osx browser
  5. tags: tags in finder help you manage your files more efficiently and find the things you want easily.
  6. Multiple Displays: New enhanced features when connecting a 2nd monitor or projector.
  7. iCloud Keychain:  encrypts and stores your passwords in iCloud, and are automatically entered for you.
  8. Notifications:  enhanced notifications popup if you are away or screen is in sleep when you return so you dont miss a thing
  9. Finder Tabs: this is a handy feature. no more need to have several finder windows open at the same time.

In the following posts I will be reviewing the default mac applications in Mavericks.

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