How the 7R’s Relate to Technology

There are 7R’s that people are saying need to come to life to bring about a better world.  I am taking these and applying them to technology as this is a section of the world where even 1R seems to not be used.  Why do people in the technology world pick profit over nature?  I feel as technology moves forward, people will see the mess and start to clean up.

Here are the 7Rs:

Reduce: If the products used were more allowing of replacing vary pieces in an easier way, people would use them longer.  This would allow for a reduced amount of new products, which in the end is less profit but in a good way.

Return: Each product should have a return policy from that company after someone is done with this.  Seems, companies leave the waste to the garbage and city dumps, which makes for more waste and not a better world.

Reuse: People should reuse as much as possible before throwing technologies out.  The problem is that reusing old products doesn’t sound good as people like shiny new products.  For nature, they reuse every bit and don’t complain about anything but seems humans and technology throw away their garbage as soon as broken.

Repair: In the last few years, people have been seeking more ways to repair technology.  If Apple has anything to do with this, every piece of technology will be as small as your hand without anyway to repair. Repair should be very high on everyone’s list but this is hardly looking at.

Refill: Should technology like batteries or printers be able to run forever without having to be refilled?  I think yes but the technology is not going that way.  Actually, people spend $100’s each year to make these work when they go out.  If there is a true revolution, paperless offices would be around and batteries would not have a deadline of how long this can be used.

Rot: Each technology piece should be able to break down in a landfill, not like today that has technolog stay in the landfill for years.  If technology treats nature better, they would work as one and not in this profit, profit, profit.  I wish rot would get more in play around the world but doesn’t sound great to the average person.

Refuse: People don’t feel they can refuse technology or they will be behind in the world.  If everyone refused and did more of the R’s above, the world of technology would be doing more for the environment.  People need to say, “I don’t need this or that” and not have one set of technology to fit all people.

Overall, if people went to open source software and easier replaceable hardware, this would be better for nature & people.  Yet still people think cost rules instead of nature and environment.  People need to fight for the use of long term technologies that can be easy to switch in and out.  I will fight for the right to have this pushed forwarded and not new technology that is just for profits.

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