Inspect Website Code within Browsers on Android

In the two browsers I use Chrome and Firefox there is no way to inspect the code within the browser for the Android OS.  This would allow more knowledge of the code faster and get all the CSS plus HTML and JavaScript.  I need all of these to be a web developer and use my tablet more often.  This is a key piece that is missing and hope that in the future can be developed properly.

When I ask other developers, they are saying “You need a real computer, not the tablet you have now.” The problem is that no one understands that going only tablet was done to reduce energy costs and be better for the environment.  I also feel people are only thinking about what is good for the past, the future are tablets as they provide easy access to everything at our hands.  Also, people are making me feel like I am going down the wrong path.  There needs to be people who pioneer the way forward and I believe I am one of them.

Back to the topic at hand, inspecting code is a good way to get websites fixed up easy and fast.  There seems to be Firebug for Firefox that I can install but doesn’t work at all.  How is this allowing me to install the addon?  The point is that inspection code for android seems to be on the back burner.  The only way I can see the code is in a non-dynamic way which makes this a bit harder to test code before actually writing the real code.

Overall, I will continue to research a way to inspect code and report back.  If you have ever inspected code within a browser on Android comment below and I will test this out.

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