How To Chroot and Xnest

For those who do not know a chroot is in short changing root to another location. It is useful when trying to recover or fix a broken linux install. In the example I will be using Lmde which I reviewed the update process to update pack 7. I will be ‘chrooting’ into Debian linux. I have mounted the Debian partition to /mnt/debian .

First thing to do is to bind /proc , /sys , /dev , /dev/pts so that they can be used inside the chroot enviroment.

Below is running the update-grub command as an example…

If you like to run some gui applications, it is possible to do so , also install xnest on the host and it can keep it in a seperate window. After you installed xnest , on the host run Xnest -ac :1 and then in the chroot run export DISPLAY=:1

Once done , you might be able to run a session…

As you can see it is not without error , I’ve had Xnest close when trying run gui programs and as you can see in the above XrandR and errors regarding theming.

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One comment on “How To Chroot and Xnest
  1. […] a chroot so you can make further changes. If you would like to use gui tools at this time I wrote how to use chroot and Xnest. Install xnest on the computer building the iso and run the above Then in the chroot enviroment […]

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