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In the past few days, I have been trying to understand video support on Android.  Since Chrome doesn’t support Flash and QuickTime, this limits almost every site on the web that has not gone to HTML5.  I found video support excluding HTML5 super annoying and wanted to pull out my hair.  The problem is that the web and Android is going one way well laptops, desktops and iOS are going another way.  How do we stop this from happening?  Only develop for HTML5 Video and what is implemented going forward with HTML.  If you want to live in the past go ahead but for myself I will be using only HTML5 Video in the new sites I build.

As a background, I was looking for the two keynotes that Apple did in Oct and Sept.  I went to their site in Chrome on my Android tablet and screamed “Why oh Why are you not working?” I was researching the answer and found to my eyes that Google and Apple are competing for the same people, which means they will not share video players.  I was looking for QuickTime on Android and even Firefox can’t do this even as with plugins enabled can do Flash on all sites.

Why do we still, use Flash if this is dying on all platforms?  Flash is a plugin which no one wants to upgrade or download.  They want to upgrade browser not all individual plugins.  Is there anyway that Adobe can bring Flash back from the death pool, not in my mind as HTML5 is coming on strong.  All the top sites on the web make me want to scream, how backwards they are with Flash.  Are they locked into Flash?  If they are, they are going down the same route Intel did and I want to cry.

With most people now storing videos online, how can we be stuck with Flash, QuickTime and VLC Player?  I think online is where video storage is going and DVDs+CDs are going to die out soon too.  A couple of problems are that most upload speeds are so slow and bandwidth is limited by Internet companies.  Unless society makes a push for faster upload speeds and unlimited bandwidth, this will never get better.

In the future, I will advocate for HTML Video and storing video online for people to see.  If people want to move into the future, moving to almost all video stored online is the way to go.  Why would I need to use YouTube to find great videos from big name companies when I can go directly go their site and give them the prop?

Is everyone going to move to the next generation of Video?

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