When is Throwaway Technology Going to End?

Throwing away technology before they have out lasted there life is a practice almost everyone in the world does which is creating a world of garbage.  In our society, throwing away is number 1 and repair is last in most people’s minds.  In recent years repair has increased and people are making a good living doing this.  Yet, there is still the garbage patch in the middle of the ocean and shipping technology to developing countries.  Shipping our waste overseas is annoying as that doesn’t solve the problem.  To solve this, technology needs to last longer and for people to feel they have a great technology in their hand without buying a newer device.

Everyday, people are moving from desktops to laptops and cellphones to smart phones.  People are not seeing that they can get by most of the time without upgrading.  One of the best ways to do this is put Linux on computers and the lifespan will increase as other newer Operating Systems require more RAM or harddrive space. If we try to keep older computers alive, this will help us create a culture of creative minds than a throwaway world.

One big reason for this is capitalism as companies are pushed to make increasingly more profit with new products instead of saying, “we will fix all product(s), if possible.” If people had repair cafes all over the place, our society would be very different.  People might not feel, they need crazy new technology which happens all the time.  I know when I was younger, all society did was try to repair our technology but seems people buy first these days as ads make new technology more appealing.

As our per capita emissions in developing countries go up, society will see more throwing away of technology. Where does this go when that happens?   If we want our emissions to go down, using longer and repairing helps us create jobs in a new sector that can boom anywhere in the world.  Let’s talk about a repair society that doesn’t throw away old technology.  With this, as we learn that we are not using every technology in our house everyday, we can create more of a shared culture.  This would allow for us to not be wanting to buy every new technology out there on the market.

People need to learn to share and repair in this new society as overall this creates happier people.  The old way of throwing away technology is gone out the window.  With less STUFF, people can focus on what is most important and have less in their houses.

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2 comments on “When is Throwaway Technology Going to End?
  1. mickeyj4j says:

    I think this is a really good idea. You have to realise that repair costs are to expensive, old computer parts are hard to get or cost to much and companies make products to last 5 years. there is not the same build quality, people are using cheaper parts to save money, after 5 years companies dont make the parts to repair them. So unless all this changes first……. it just remains a good idea that in theory would be excellent, but in reality is not atm doable.

  2. L says:

    ITA, I am so sick and tired of people thinking 2-3 yr devices or computers are old or even referring to them as ancient! Let’s just throw that toddler away while were at it too, she’s getting boring. I had an old TV from 1985 that broke in 2003! Um, not only do they not make TVs to last like that anymore, but god forbid you keep one for 2 years, you get called an idiot. I bought the top of the line Roku XDS 3 years ago, and people are referring to it as ancient. How the hell is 3 years ancient? How are we not buried in garbage already? God forbid you use something the way it was intended for longer than a month. All the billion dollar companies want to sell us a new phone every three minutes, that doesn’t mean your 2 month old phone should be tossed aside! Until consumers stand up and say, “hey I’m not buying a new phone next week.” It will never change.

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