How To Install Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander In Virtualbox

First you will need to download Virtualbox from and the Ubuntu 13.10 iso from
Once you have both virtualbox and the Ubuntu 13.10 iso downloaded you can start Virtualbox and click on the add new icon.
Select Name and Operating System Type.
Choose how much ram to give to the Ubuntu Guest , more is better however I can only assign 512.
Create a new hard drive unless you already have an existing you want to use.
Hard drive type , I would select VDI but if you want you can choose something else.
Choose Fixed or Dynamically Allocated drive , there are pros and cons for each. I am using Dynamically Allocated.
Just adding the name like I have will create the drive in ~/VirtualBox VMs and the size you want it to be.
Some extra settings to look at.
I like to have a shared clipboard and drag and drop.
make sure that pae is selected here otherwise ubuntu wont boot.
Enable both of these if your cpu supports these, also you might need to enable them in your bios.
Make sure you enable 3d acceleration and assign some video memory. As before more is better , however I can only assign 32mb.
In the pull down tab , choose other to browse to the downloaded iso for Ubuntu 13.10.
Booting Up.
Click Install to start the installer.
I choose to Download updates whilst installing so that I didnt need to update after the install , but not the other software as I prefer to choose that afterwards, but choose what you prefer.
There are few options here to consider depending on what you want. Since this is a Virtual Machine I’m just going to use the whole drive without using an lvm or envryption , however you may wish to use them.
Choose your timezone settings.
Keyboards settings.
Enter you name and hostname details, I would recommend not using the login automatically option as I have seen a number of people forget their passwords.
I am not sure if this is new to Ubuntu installs as this was the first Ubuntu I have installed , so I chose the login later option as I do not have an existing Ubuntu one account nor do I want to create an account now but if you already have an Ubuntu One login or wish to create one you can do it here.
Then it is just a case of waiting for the install to finish.
Once done reboot.
Et Voila Ubuntu installed in VirtualBox.

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3 comments on “How To Install Ubuntu 13.10 Saucy Salamander In Virtualbox
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  2. Ganesan says:

    Thank you .. It was very useful

  3. PeterJenkins says:

    Nice tutorial.

    At first I got the following error:

    this kernel requires an x86-64 CPU, but only detects an i686 CPU, unable to boot

    I found this Stack Overflow question with a solution:

    Changing the operating system type to “Ubuntu (64 bit)” solved the issue for me.

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