30 Day Plan – September 2013 – Overview

Hi all this is the last post the 30 day play to reduce my time online, in September 2013. Over this time I really did not get to do the other things that I was wanting to. My house still looks like a tip. I have come to realise that I must be a bit lazy. Anyway I did get some cleaning done which felt good and this will be continuing in the future.

As I live by myself I was shocked that the previous months I had gone over my 30GB internet plan or very close to it. This came about as I only have 8hrs work a week 2hrs daily from tuesday – friday. I have lots of time to spear and got into the habit of spending time online. Then when the idea for this blog grew I needed to research and get things done to improve and grow SneekyGeekrs. I admit that I easily get distracted and have not managed my time online that well so things tend to drag on, especially in regards with all things posted on Facebook that can distract me.

Now with Shawn and Ben involved here in the blog, both doing wonderful, unique amazing posts, we are all formulating a plan to get the various things done. This is ongoing and until things are setup requires time online to do it all. But we feel that when things are setup it should run smoothly. Then this will reduce the amount of time needed to manage the blog.

What Helps Me: These things only help if you put them into practise and actually use them.
Flylady: I have found FlyLady to be a great place to get some motivation to clean up my house, they have good tips that when put into practise do help to learn how to go from a messy person to a tidy person and many of the tips also apply to other areas in life.
Calendar: Using an online calender service, such as Google Calendar is great. I can manage my time using this and have reminders on my computer, mobile, online and they work together.
Timer / Alarm: Using a timer is great to help manage time when doing things. Most mobile phones have a timer alarm on them. Also you can get apps for your computer that remind you to take a break, like Healthier that I have on my Mac.
To-do-list / task-list: These type of applications and services online can help you remember things in the form of a list that you can tick off when you complete them. Google Tasks is a good service integrated into gmail and some other apps android, iphone, on your computer, may use google tasks to sync tasks. Or you can find other apps with their own online services.
Lifestyle: Learning to lead a balanced life helps
1. Find time to relax, unwind and chill out is a good thing.
2. Put on some quite music
3. Get a good book to read
4. Find a hobby of some kind
5. Going for a walk
6. Ringing someone on the phone
7. Having a well balanced diet
8. Getting enough sleep.

So the 30day plan is going to roll over but in a new and different way as I learn to make better use of my time, and keep getting the important things done.

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