30 day Plan – week 2 – September 2013 – Quick update.

Well its now 2 and a half weeks into the 30 day plan to reduce my internet usage and get other things done in my life. It si still a challenge. So far i have made some progress to reduce my need for computers and done some cleaning and tidying up my place. I have been online less but still feel i could cut down more. I also went away over the weekend Friday 13th – Tuesday 17th September. This was time away with no computers, I did not go online with my mobile either.

What i have found is that I still need to do even more cleaning as i am not really making much way forward. its easy to sit around doing other things or not doing anything at all. There is lots to do here at SneekyGeekers to get the website up and running. The more i try to do the more i realise that WordPress.com has limitations, or maybe the free themes and such just take time to configure. and finding the right theme that works for both mobile and desktop alike. also many other things need doing to promote our site further, getting a presence online and tweaking Search Engine Optimisation ()SEO) etc but it is slowly getting there.

On another Note Go Team New Zealand for the Americas Cup boat race. if you are watching its great that Oracle USA boat is now matching the New Zealand one. it makes for a gripping, nail-biting challenge now. so again GO TEAM NEW ZEALAND.

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