Are We Frying Kids Brains With Technology?

I was looking at The Verge, the other day to get inspiring thoughts on what to write.  I came across two different articles (on the verge and CBC News), one about a writer’s family and technology use and the another a family who is taking their kids back in time to 1986 to live exactly like that for a year.  All of this made me think, are we frying our kids brains with technology?

I believe that in the overall scheme, both articles have the same idea but in different ways.  Kids are using more technology which is having a huge effect on them.  First, from all the studies, kids go outside less, do exercise less and enjoy life in the world without technology less.  I remember when I was little, we use to have family walks, and reading the newspaper together.  Even Craig Kielburger who started Free The Children, use to read the newspaper with his family and got started in activism because of a newspaper article. Now, the chance you will see families actually do that is lessen.  Has our society become more dangerous as everyone says this is?  From all the stats, our society is safer than ever before, the problem is society not interacting with each other.

With the less interaction, people still feel technology has moved society forward but really has moved, from my view, backwards.  You look at the article on the verge and this writer is trying to say “I am right let’s use technology more as my baby needs this to be ahead in society” and in the other article, “technology has advanced to the point, where kids are drunk with smart phones”. Both families need to step back and look at what use to happen in society before all of these advances.  People use to do more and enjoying life outside of the house.  Is our society dying?  Will most kids in cities never see real nature again?

Well, in this case, I believe this is true.  If I didn’t go up to a cottage in the summer when I was younger, my love for the environment would be nowhere.  I was able to see stars, and lakes, and people having fun.  Plus, I got to hear lots of great stories about family and people who live in the area.  Times were great and they still are if you are able to get out to see the real nature.

As a crazy story to tie this all together, I do remember, the other day seeing young kids in my family on smart phones playing a game.  Then the mother was like “Is there another phone that this other kid can play on?”. I didn’t say anything but thought to myself, when does this madness end?  Kids are much more into technology these days, how do we turn this off?  I say we need to take technology away and let kids be kids for awhile.  On that point, I remember reading a book in school once, and this was set when TV was coming around, this girl went to school and the teacher said to everyone watch this TV program tonight.  This girl never had TV and all she did was play by herself outdoors everyday.  She did finally make one friend, and they enjoyed this.  The point been that no matter which era this is, technology is pushed on us.  Back to my family story, the kids a day later said “Mom and Dad can we go to the farm?”, which is an actual farm their grandparents own.

I would say the best times in my life have been the simple times.  Times without technology is where I see life and explore. 

Which side of technology are you on?

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