Flash on Android & Tethering Phone

I have finally figured out Flash on my tablet.  Android has not supported Flash in awhile but the web is still full of Flash video players.  How I did the impossible, I had to download Firefox and setup that plugins were enabled, and then download and install android flash.  Still I hope the web makes a big shift to HTML5 as that will save from having to download software and plugins.

Well, since that is solved, I will move onto figuring out Firebug which is an amazing add-on to Firefox.  This is similar to all the developer tools that are apart of all desktop browsers now but easier and provides more tabs of information.  If there was a way to get these developer tools working for Mobile Chrome or Firefox, I wouldn’t need firebug but I haven’t found a way yet.

With all of this happening, late last month, I was talking to people about life and they said, do you tether your phone?  I was like no, and then the funny thing is that now whenever I need to access the Internet on my tablet, I tether my phone.  The only problem is that I have been way over my usage of allowed data for the month that ended tomorrow, which means a scaling back of data usage even more.  I still believe, using the Internet less is better but society has changed us so much in the last 10 years.

Here is a story on how society has changed in 10 years.  The other day, I was at a family gathering, and we were all sitting around.  Almost everyone had a smartphone with them, and they were all on them.  Now we all started to use this new app called WhatsApp, which allows you to add people based on phone number, and we are all apart of one group.  Well this app allows for adding many different media plus even recording media.  Continuing the story, there were two of us without phones and one of us said while been recorded, “We should put our phones away” which got sent to the group. No one on the phone actually heard that until they played the audio in the app which I can’t find the audio for.

All I am trying to say is when one advance in technology appears, there is another that moves us into individual mode.  For myself, I really need to cut back on my Internet including tethering usage.  Over the last few weeks, I have cut back in good ways but a further cut needs to happen.

If you have ever needed to cut back or stop using the Internet for any length of time please write in comments to tell us how that went.

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