Addicted to Internet

For along time, I have been addicted to the Internet and when I got my first smartphone, this when up a notch meaning I am ever more addicted to the Internet nowadays. To stop using the Internet as much as I do, I would need cut off the source for awhile. I don’t believe I can cut off the source as my only source of income is from Computers. If I could, I would stop having a computer job and do more of what I enjoy which includes living outside of the city.

I have talked before about the people who unplugged from the Internet which means either they are getting paid still or have a partner that can bring in the money. For myself, I don’t have either of those unless someone has an idea on how to make money and never use the computer again.

With my generation, they are more wired to Internet than any previous generation and are losing the focus of what is really outside in the world. Take for example, the people in the video within this article and how they are totally different in their businesses. In the end, the guy who does all interactions face to face seems to have the upper hand as both agree, time off the internet is good and necessary. As the Internet develops, society is seeing more interviews and live chats being done by twitter which can be really annoying. Trying to follow anything on Twitter for myself in the ever increasing fast pace world is very hard.

As society becomes more Internet connected, there are people putting their whole lives on the Internet. Take this case in point, two best friends Tim and Jesse did a 40 day dating each other after seeing they were getting no where with others they were dating. They documented this experiment, I would say, on their blog everyday to the same questions in which they agreed to see each other everyday. The amazing outcome is that Tim wants to continue to date Jesse, yet I am not sure what Jesse wants to do but I feel they are still together. Long story short is that they used the Internet to document their 40 days which seems overkill for me but I felt a sorta pull to want to read every post after finding the video on BBC. If I was dating someone, I would want to be there with them, not in some technology world, where the questions are the same everyday. Even if society is finding partners online in ever greater numbers, there is a need to flirt and see people for who they really are. As one friend said: “I hate long distance relationships as I never get to feel, smell or touch my partner.” What use to be fun for a lot of people, now seems overkill with technology. For me, I used craigslist to find someone yesterday (Sept 3rd and in the past has hardly ever works out for me) but really I need to see the world around me and get my flirt on.

Getting back to the topic at hand, this is a funny yet interesting video about addiction to social media sent to me a number of times. I didn’t feel like watching this as I need to stay focused on work and only watch videos that will expands my mind. If anyone can tell me, this is more expand then contracting my mind, please do.

Am I over addicted to the Internet, YES. I can tell when I use 5GB of 3G on my cellphone in one month. Plus, now I have hardly anyone around where I live and is super quiet most of the time which makes me go on the Internet. I even use the internet right before I sleep in bed, is that normal? What this all means, is that I need to put technology away for longer periods. I need to find other interest to do that will keep me busy besides being on the internet. These should already be in my mind but I have not been good with the September challenge at all up to this point.

I need to start to go out to see the city I live in more which will force me to interact with other plus in my free time read more of books. One way to be more involved is being apart of the shared economy that is growing rapidly. Even today (Sept 4th), I could have gone out to interact with others at an event but 5 emails came in asking me to update sites for work. What am I supposed to do when that happens?

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