30 day Plan – week 1 – September 2013 – Quick update.

In my last post on why I am doing the 30 day plan click here I failed to mention that I don’t have much work only 8hrs a week. This gives me more time to be on the internet. I checked my internet usage, and on my 30gb plan I was using between 20-35 gb over the past few months. As I live by myself thats really allot of internet usage each month. I used to average between 10-20gb

In the first week of my 30 day plan I have been watching a bit more TV than I was hoping, and had to use the internet for a few things, more than I was hoping.

I did do some cleaning around my house, and managed to spray weeds in my garden. And when talking to a few friends, I have come to these conclusions

1. I need to keep things simple: don’t try to take on to much at one time.
2. Break things down into small parts. It helps to set regular small goals during the day.
3. I realise that tidying my house and cleaning it are 2 different things. Tidying up is putting things away and not leaving them all over the place. Cleaning is actually wiping down things, spraying, dusting etc. Start with making things tidy
4. Get regular sleep. This does not help me as I sit around tired instead of cleaning.

If you are doing your own 30 day plan to reduce internet and TV usage I recommend you change what you do when relaxing, blobbing out.

1. put on some quite music to help you chill out
2. Read a book
3. do some cleaning
4. talk to your family
5. call your friend on the phone for a chat.
6. sort out your bills and paperwork
7. go for a walk

Overall weather you are addicted or just suffer from overusing Internet and TV, Plan things in your life so you don’t end up in the buzz.

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